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mother, you have not died yet. but you will. and when you do, you will finally be alive again.

upcoming feature film 

amidst a small Indian community in post-Apartheid South Africa—still fraught with violence—Lishana takes care of her dying elderly mother. She turns to photography to grapple with her grief and the lingering tensions of her town. In capturing images and ruminating on the line between life and death, she begins oscillating between the tangible world and the mystical.

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Ilanga Alikho (The Sun is Missing)


an experimental landscape film with an element of poetry. The film follows the son of the professional mourner who has now taken up the mantle of his father. He is confused. He does not want to mourn anymore, but it is all he knows how to do. He goes to the local flea market and purchases some chickens for a sacrificial ceremony in the name of his ancestors. Soon enough he is traversing the vast mountainous landscape of Kwa-Zulu Natal as he struggles to find a place where he belongs.

screened at:
San Sebastián International Film Festival
Edinburgh International Film Festival,
Part of Exhibition at Parallel Vienna titled Holes


Jikele Maweni Ndiyahamba (Let's Go To The Mines)


an essay film that parallels a replicated mining town of Johannesburg in California to the mines in South Africa. It serves as an indicator of how those who profiteered of mining in South Africa, the white population, where able to leave and start a whole new town based on where they came from, whereas those who work the mines, the black population, are still faced with excruciating conditions. This is seen via the archive footage of the Marikana mines massacre of 2012 contrasted over the beautiful voice of Miriam Makeba.

screened at:
WHAMMY! Analog Media